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How I made A Halloween Cemetery Fence

Halloween was approaching and I wanted to Build a fence but had no idea. So I started researching on the web.
Could not find a Halloween Cemetery fence that I liked. But found a lot of great ideas. So in this How To I hope to give you some great ideas too.

Supplies That I used.
1: 1 1/2 i n. Pink foam sheet form Home improvement store
2: Paint - Flat Black , clay color(greenish gray)
3: Hot Glue Gun & Glue sticks
4: PVC pipes
5: Hot wire Foam Cutter & Knife
6: Old Socks
7: Spray water bottle
8: 1x1 wood
9: Paint Brush's
10: Drill & Bits
11: Electric sander
12: Screws
13: Anything else you my need

Lets start with the Pillers . I used sheet of pink foam 1 1/2 in thick. I got from my local Home improvement store . Made the Top 13x13 in. The sides are 4ft x 11in & 4ft x 8in you will need 2 of each per Piller.

When assembling the Pillers . I used Hot Glue . Glue the 8in panel to the inside of the 11in panel as shown below.

(Do Not Glue on the Top untill you are ready to install it on you front lawn)

To make the old world look ont he pillers .

First paint them all flat black let that dry good. then you will water spray bottle and some old sock that what I used .

Paint on the clay colored paint then before in Dries spray with water. Do not coat with

water you just want to get drops on it like it had rained on it. Then blott off the water

play around with I to get the effect that you like.

The Halloween Cemetery Gate's were fun to make .
Outer 58" Tall

Inner 69" Tall
52" spears then decrease by 1"
so you get a 52",51",50" ,49" & 48" you'll need
two of each spears
Inner pieces 38" wide.
The space between each spear
starting at the inside 6",7",7",7",7"& 4".
From Top cross bar to Lower cross bar 39".

I used a 38" peice of wood for the inside width.

The Fence